Covid -19 Update

Kapowsin Air Sports, LTD Covid -19 Opening Plan

Kapowsin Air Sports would like to thank our customers for their understanding and patience, as of right now we still don’t have a planned opening date, skydiving fits into Phase 3 of Washington’s Safe Start strategy. Hopefully we will know more soon, please check back for updates. This is a working plan and can be updated based on CDC and Washington State recommendations.

Kapowsin Air Sports, LTD cannot guarantee your protection.

If you cannot accept the risk, despite all the safety measures taken, then you should not participate in skydiving activities.

Due to the nature of skydiving being a close contact sport, please understand that by choosing to participate, you assume all responsibility to the exposure and risk of contracting Covid-19.

Please DO NOT visit our facility if you are feeling ill, have traveled outside the US in the last 14 days, have Covid-19 or have been exposed to someone who has Covid-19 within the last 14 days.

Safety of our staff, contractors and customers is our top priority.

Spectators are welcome to the spectator viewing area, but will not be allowed in the building.

Everyone will be strongly encouraged to wear a mask covering their mouth and nose while inside or when 6ft social distancing cannot be maintained.  Medical masks, neck buffs or bandanas are considered sufficient as recommended by the CDC.

Everyone is encouraged to bring their own face mask, neck buff or bandana.

Signage will be placed around the property and building to remind people to wash their hands often, maintain social distancing and to not touch your face.

Operating at a reduced capacity:

  • Caravan will be limited to 12 jumpers
  • Otter will be limited to 15 jumpers
  • Limit of 8 tandem students to check in every 2 hours
  • Returning students will be limited to 4 students every 2 hours
  • Tandem and Returning students check in times will be staggered
  • AFF class sizes will be limited to 5 per class

Cleaning measures:

  • All high-use surfaces will be cleaned with a bleach solution nightly and throughout the day.
  • Restrooms will be cleaned with a bleach solution nightly and throughout the day.

Personal Protection:

  • Everyone will be strongly encouraged to wear a mask covering their mouth and nose while inside or when 6ft social distancing cannot be maintained.
  • When possible 6ft social distancing will be required.
  • High-fives, hugging, fist bumps and any unnecessary touching is highly discouraged.
  • Hand washing for at least 20 seconds with hot water and soap before and after each jump, before and after manifesting, and after packing your parachute is strongly encouraged.
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be provided and available around the building.
  • When possible use a barrier to prevent direct contact with shared surfaces.
  • Alternate packing areas will be provided to help maintain social distancing.

Precautions for Staff:

  • Everyone is encouraged to wash hands for 20 seconds with hot soap and water frequently.
  • All instructors will wear a full-face helmet.
  • All instructors will wear a mask covering their nose and mouth while training students, gearing up students, in the loading area and on the ride to altitude.
  • All instructors will wash their hands or sanitize before and after working with each student.
  • Packers will wash hands or sanitize between each pack job, and social distancing will be encouraged.

Precautions for Tandem and AFF Students:

  • Waivers will be completed online when possible.
  • Prepayments will be encouraged.
  • Hand washing will be required.
  • If jumpsuits are needed, they will be used once and then laundered.
  • A face mask will always be required when 6ft social distancing cannot be maintained, we will have some available.
  • Goggles and helmets will be cleaned between each use.
  • AFF students will use the same helmet, goggles, jumpsuit and altimeter each day.
  • Tandem students will use a mask and or buff in freefall.


Government guidance is ambiguous. Difference in comfort with social distancing vary. Phase 1 federal guidelines recommend 6ft social distancing and maximum 10 in a group – except if social distancing is impractical, precautionary measures should be observed.  Kapowsin Air Sports, LTD has determined that it is impractical to operate the aircraft with 6ft distance and 10 skydivers. Kapowsin Air Sports, LTD is implementing precautionary measures.

  • Interior of each plane will be cleaned each morning before operations.
  • Seatbelts, exit bars, and door will be wiped down each morning and several times throughout the day.
  • Hand sanitizer will be used before boarding the plane.
  • Everyone in the plane will wear a face mask covering their nose and mouth.
  • Pilot will disinfect cockpit.